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Jillian Malis concepts by Xenozoa
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Gift for Demonresurrect427 by MysticAzelf

Commission for Demonresurrect427 [1/2] by MysticAzelfCommission for Demonresurrect427 [Animated] by MysticAzelf


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Simple headshot sketch. Warning: multiple erasures and not exactly pretty, but you can trace it on like SAI or something.

Headshot Comm Example :Sketch: by DemonResurrect427

Standard: 100 :points:
Fan: 75 :points:


I've taken the sketch and traced it for you on PaintTool SAI. Just color as you wish.

Headshot Comm Example :Lineart: by DemonResurrect427

Standard: 150 :points:
Fan: 110 :points:

Simple Color

Coloring doesn't take long (for me), so this only costs a little more. This is a flat coloring.

Headshot Comm Example :Color: by DemonResurrect427

Standard: 175 :points:
Fan: 130 :points:


This is where things get difficult, but trust me, the result it well worth the cost. I believe my style is called hard double shading. Feel free to correct me on that.

Headshot Comm Example :Shaded: by DemonResurrect427

Standard: 250 :points:
Fan: 190 :points:


This one depends on how many effects you want. I'll let you know what it will be based on what you ask for.

DanSaku Tease / Lovers' Quarrel? by DemonResurrect427
(this would be 275 :points:)

Standard: 275 - 300 :points:
Fan: 210 :points:

:heart: Couples :heart:

Because I consider myself a romantic, or at least a real promoter of following your heart, I'm actually giving DISCOUNTS for couple commissions! Have me add a lover to the mix, and I'll literally take points off! It costs less to get more, people!

Standard: 10% off
Fan: 25% off

How to Order

Send me a note with the following information (I won't accept any comments)
:bulletblue: Character(s) in the commission
:bulletblue: Type of commission (select from above)
:bulletblue: What you think you're paying
:bulletblue: Details (ie: pose, action, expression, etc.)
:bulletblue: Pictures to work off of (for design of characters)

How to Pay

:bulletred: Wait until I've officially acknowledged your commission
:bulletred: Wait until I tell you to pay! (Seriously, if you pay early, I will not refund any of your points if I end up cancelling the commission)
:bulletred: Points only in my donation box

Current Commissions [1/5]

:bulletwhite: MysticAzelf - Simple Color [fan][paid]

Past Commissions [FREE]

Originally these were ordered by the previous commission standards, so I've modified them to the current ones. They should be of similar value. As for the content, these can be redeemed whenever, but they will only be completed to my current position in my anatomy study. Either get them sooner or wait and get more. In any case, due to being so damn late, they're all free.
:bulletpurple: GhosttheHedgehog12 - Sketch
:bulletpurple: Sagethewolf23 - Simple Color
:bulletpurple: CaptainPasta - Simple Color [fan]
:bulletpurple: digitdude99 - Lineart [fan]
:bulletpurple: silver-lover24 - Shaded [fan]
:bulletpurple: YamixYugifangirl109 - Shaded [fan]

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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Well I used to have another account starting back 4 years ago, but that was deleted after two years (of my own accord), after which I returned to make this account which is now 2 years old.

2. What does your username mean?

Means I'm a f$&#in demon come back to lyfe, mate!
The Icy Glare of Sin (Non-Animated) by DemonResurrect427

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Do it for her by DemonResurrect427

4. Are you left or right handed?

¡A la derecha, nena!~ :D

5. What was your first deviation?

My very first deviation unfortunately no longer exists due to loss of files. However, here is my first deviation on THIS account:
My Custom Microsoft Surface Pro (Front) by DemonResurrect427

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Anime/manga style drawings, mostly traditional sketches. However, I only tend to upload the digital work, so I have a lot of stuff you guys haven't even seen yet.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Kinda cruel to make it something other than what I'm striving for, but whatever. I guess....
Anbu Rose by SkireTehFox
Something caligraphy-ish, like inkwork.

8. What was your first favourite?

I have absolutely no idea, but here's ONE of the first:
(insert name here) as Death #8 by digitdude99
Some sick work from my bro :icondigitdude99:

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

The kinda anime and manga stuff I wish I could draw, in all honesty ^^;

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

:iconsing-sei: Quite the inspiration she is.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

:iconsinger0011: My bro down in Atlanta. He and I would hit up any city anywhere in the world and have a sweet time!

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

:iconmysticazelf: In so many ways I can't even begin to list them... :heart:

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?


14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Anywhere I can sit down and just enjoy the ambiance and music being blasted into my ears. Although, most of my drawing gets done in my room, especially the digital work (which is all created in my bedroom).

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Making this:
Hardly friends, but F*CK it there's sun by DemonResurrect427

I know I don't usually do these things, but when :iconmr-bella-brightside: did it and DIDN'T tag me like she usually does, I decided to do it anyways just to spite her~


1)Pick 2-5 characters in a relationship
2) Don't change the questions
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5)Have fun!

1. Dante Malis
2. Cinder Ambrose
3. Aleksei Volkov
4. Kizuato Sakura
5. Hope Dracoburne


1. First question, who are you?

Dante: Only the most badass spawn you’ll ever meet~

(‘spawn’ refers to a type of demon born from the pure manifestation of sin)

Cinder: My name is Cinder, and I’m an eternally beautiful fire sword imbued with magical properties I received from the slaughter of thousands during the Crusades. \pauses for a moment/ Did I really just sound that much like a Mary-sue…?

Aleksei: A bounty hunter of the highest caliber.

Sakura: Teenage kunoichi with the power to create weapons comprised of solidified ki. People tell me I have a really cold personality, but they just aren’t on my good side.

Hope: My name is Hope aaaaand I’m half dragon, which you could probably tell just by looking at me! I have fangs, slit eyes, and I can breathe fire.

2. Now who is your partner?

Dante: Nami Gould. She’s the sweetest girl I’ve ever met, innocent almost to a fault, really f***ing cute, and really cute whilest f***ing~

(Nami belongs to MysticAzelf)

Cinder: I don’t exactly have a partner PER SAY, but there is a certain man I’ve been seeing for a while now~ His name is Cayden Gould, and while he may act super tough, he’s just a nervous sweetheart on the inside~

(Cayden belongs to MysticAzelf)

Aleksei: I’m with Anastasia Nizenia, a rather… unique woman I once hunted as a bounty. I was going to take her out, but… \sighs and shakes his head slowly with a faint smile/ something was different about her. So, I faked her death, got her bounty off the list, and she’s been living with me ever since.

(Anastasia belongs to Mr-Bella-Brightside)

Sakura: I’m single at the moment, buuut I’m starting to like a guy named Yazawa Daisuke. But I just call him Hotshot~ I mean honestly, he’s really cocky, but I guess that’s what makes things so interesting between us. Everything is a competition, and more often than not we’re both the winners. I see competing with him as a way of flirting~

(Daisuke belongs to CaptainPasta)
Hope: My guy is Lysandre Morcisque~ He’s cool and all, and we make a great pair, but there’s one irredeemable quality of him that I just can’t help but HATE! \kicks a nearby chair over/

(Lysandre belongs to MrDragonBear)

3. The fun part now! What was your first impression of your partner?

Dante: First impression… way too innocent. I guess that’s not hard for me to say, since I’ve seen abuse and the hatred of the world baring down on me for most of my life. \shrugs and smirks/ I kind of envied her outlook on the world, and it made me happy when we talked cause she was actually nice to me.

Cinder: First impressions… Strong, a little reckless, a hint of arrogance, but also humbleness… To sum it up, he was a stud with brains, brawn, and talent.

Aleksei: Like I said just a question ago, she was different. It’s hard for me to explain, since we didn’t get to actually talk that much before I faked her death. I guess all I can really say is she was beautiful in a way I’d never seen before.

Sakura: We met at a karaoke mixer with a couple friends of ours, and to be honest I knew my friends were trying to set me up with him. But still… \blushes a bit/ I have to admit I thought he was kind of handsome…~ Also a prick the way he talked.

Hope: Let’s see… first time I met Lys… I feel like I’ve known him forever, even if it’s only just been a few years. OH! I do remember the days we spent getting to know each other, though. \snarls/ He was such a d**k! He embarrassed me in public CONSTANTLY! Seriously, what kind of flirting is using your dragon-controlling power to make a girl bend over and spank her ass in P.E.!?

4. Now what is your current thought of your partner?

Dante: Pretty much hasn’t changed since the day I met her. …… I suppose that means I’ve loved her since the start. \smiles genuinely and crosses his arms/ That girl…~

Cinder: Big sweetheart whenever we’re together~ No matter how much he tries to act tough, I can always manage to find a way to embarrass or fluster him. It’s so cute~

Aleksei: Living with Ana has made me come to appreciate her more and more. Her little quirks and way of being. I’ll admit she sometimes tends to distract me from work, but I guess I don’t tell her often enough how much I want to break my desk in half and join her on that beloved couch of hers.

Sakura: I haven’t known him that long, so it’s really hard to say anything new about him in this regard. Sometimes his cockiness can get annoying, but when it comes down to it, he’s a sweet guy~

Hope: Still does that thing I hate, but we’re trying to work through it. As much as he annoys me, I wouldn’t think of breaking up with him. He always has my best interests in mind at the end of the day.

5. If your relationship doesn't work out, do you think you two can still be friends?

Dante: Frankly, if things didn’t work out with her, I doubt I’d ever want to see her face again. It’d just be painful self-torture. \averts his eyes/

Cinder: It wouldn’t be that heart-wrenching for me. It might hit him pretty hard, but I think we could work something out in the end that would be at least close to friendship.

Aleksei: The only reason I forsee for the termination of our relationship would be to put her out of danger. Naturally, I tend to make quite a lot of enemies, and I’d hate for her to get caught up in the crossfire. That being said, if I broke up with her then no. We could not be friends.

Sakura: I assume we’re already friends, which is so far really nice. If he tries to ask me out and I deny him for some reason, which I may or may not do, I guess our friendship would just continue as usual.

Hope: Breaking up…? I’m not sure… He’s great as a boyfriend, but a friend… The only time he was my ‘friend’, he was a total ass. Not sure I’d want that again.

6. Oh I see...So are you uke, seme or seke? 

Dante: Motherf***ing seme all the way. She’s so cute when she’s on her back gasping, panting, and screaming my name~

Cinder: At this point, I’d consider myself seke. He likes to take control when things get going, but at first he’s extremely nervous and needs a little bit of a push~

Aleksei: What do those terms even mean…? \extremely confused/ (he’s seme)

Sakura: IF I were to ever let that happen, I’d prefer to be seke. I can be either depending what mood you get me in~ \winks/ But of course, first, you’ll have to get past the many obstacles to my bed, such as my little brother Hiro who is an avid fan of the ‘dick punch.’

Hope: I’d prefer seke, but most of the time he likes to take command, so I guess that makes me uke. Ugh… can we move on from this question? In fact, can we move on from this whole thing? I’m hungry.

7. Interesting! What is your favorite room or part of the house? 

Dante: Well let’s see… living room is out of the question. I love the kitchen because I love food, for sure. But I guess my favorite place would have to be the bedroom. For… obvious reasons.

Cinder: I feel like the living room is the best place to be. It’s where you talk to people and socialize, share life experiences and generally relax.
Aleksei: I know Ana loves the couch, and I spend most of my time at my desk, admittedly. Thankfully, they’re in the same room, so I’d say I love that one.

Sakura: My place has a backyard built into a training ground for me and my brother. I love to just go out there and practice my ninjutsu, martial arts, etcetera. And then there’s the occasional sparring match! \grins with excitement/

Hope: Kitchen…? No we did that there… Living room…? No, we had to replace that sofa… \places a finger to her chin in contemplation/ Maybe… OH! My garage! Call me a bit of a tomboy, but my biggest hobby is working on my motorcycle~

8. Now what's the least favorite room or part of the house? 

Dante: Seems like a cheap cop-out of a question. Whatever… I hate the basement. It brings back dark memories, and I have a um… a phobia related to being underground…

Cinder: Least favorite… I’m not sure I have a part of the house I don’t like. Home is where you feel safe and at rest. But if I had to choose… the garage. Most often I find it smells in one way or another, or tends to be messy or greasy.

Aleksei: We don’t have a lot of rooms in our apartment, but I do tend to steer clear of the balcony. Even though my life is constantly in danger, the threat of myself or Ana falling from there weighs heavy on my mind when I’m out there.

Sakura: Oddly enough, the roof. I would always go up there when I was sad and wanted to be alone as a kid, so it’s not exactly a positive place to be.

Hope: Now THIS is a question I can answer! Everywhere but the garage. \smiles wistfully/

9. Alright now, do you think your partner agrees with you with your choices of the house? Why or why not?

Dante: I’m not exactly sure WHAT Nami likes in terms of rooms in the house. I know she likes to cuddle, which the bedroom is certainly good for. And she doesn’t like dark, scary places, so I imagine we share a resentment for that kind of basement. \shrugs/ Doesn’t really matter in my opinion.

Cinder: Cayden doesn’t seem very social, in my opinion, so I don’t suppose he has the same love for the living room as I do, at least not for the same reason. Sort of the same goes for the garage, so… no, we don’t quite agree.
Aleksei: Like I said, Ana loves her couch. \smirks, then frowns/ Not sure at all about the balcony. Perhaps she’s apathetic towards it?

Sakura: I don’t know him well enough to know what parts of the house he likes. Though I would LOVE to have a sparring match with him! Hope he feels the same.

Hope: Lys has just about the opposite opinion to mine. Anywhere he can do the thing I keep glossing over, he likes.

10. Now back to you, do you believe you two spend enough time with each other? Why or why not?

Dante: Time spent together… \counts on fingers/ Every day during school, walking to and from school, sometimes hanging out after school, weekend dates… Yeah we spend a lot of time together and we both love it.

Cinder: We go on dates every so often, and we see each other at school. I feel like we keep a respectable distance from one another.

Aleksei: I actually wish I could spend more time with Ana… I feel terrible about all the times I’ve made her sit alone on the couch while I’m working. \sighs/ Life is certainly cruel sometimes.

Sakura: All I can say is I could stand to spend a little more…~

Hope: I think we spend a little TOO MUCH time together. I respect that he likes to be around me, but I need my space, geez.

11. Okay so, have you ever lied to your partner? Was it a good choice to?

Dante: When I first met her and we first started dating, I lied to her about being a demon. Thought it would scare her off…

Cinder: I still haven’t told Cayden just how old I am… or that I’m eternal… and I only recently told him about being a fire sword… \looks away with a hint of guilt/

Aleksei: I regret to say I’ve lied to Ana about quite a lot of things, but it’s only for her own protection. I keep secrets for a reason.

Sakura: Well we’re still getting to know each other, and there are a few things I haven’t told him yet. To name a couple: my family history, my ki control, my personal secrets, past relationships, the fact I’m still friends with two of my exes… I think I’ll stop there.

12. Oh okay, so what do you think is most important in a long lasting relationship?

Dante: Gotta keep things interesting. Sure you can love each other and all that, but if the relationship gets stale, likelihood of cheating out of boredom goes WAY up.

Cinder: Being able to agree on the major points of life. It’s alright to not see eye to eye on everything, but for the major part compatibility is what holds a relationship together.

Aleksei: Acceptance. You have to be aware of your partner’s flaws and faults and come to accept them.

Sakura: Commitment. Cheating is not okay. Running away is not okay. If you enter a relationship, expect to be and stay there. \glares/ Nothing pisses me off more than a self-righteous prick who thinks his girlfriend is disposable.

Hope: Understanding each other’s wants and desires. You’re there to make each other happy right?

13. Nearly done with this meme! Are you jealous of anyone? Maybe if your partner and their friends are spending too much time together?

Dante: Not many guys can make me jealous when it comes to hanging out with Nami. Unless it’s someone on my blacklist… specifically Kale Storm, her brother Ace, and Darian McKeon.

Cinder: I’m not really the jealous type, so no. I respect him if he wants to hang out with his cousin Ethan or some of our friends.

Aleksei: I’m not jealous, but I am protective. Every time Ana goes out with some of her guy friends, I secretly track them and listen in on their conversations while I work, just in case I need to run over and step in at some point… but don’t tell her I said any of that. She doesn’t know.

Sakura: I can be a bit jealous when it comes to my boyfriend hanging out with other girls, but so far I haven’t had any problems like that with Daisuke. Then again… I’m not sure how he’ll take it when I tell him I regularly hang out with two of my exes… \looks down and rubs her arm/

Hope: \snarls with a wicked grin/ You touch my Lys, I rip out your throat. Understood?

14. Jealousy isn't good in a relationship... Now last question, how do you describe love?

Dante: For a hate-filled being like me, it’s the only real positive feeling I have.

Cinder: I’ve gone through more relationships than any person ever has. I’ve loved, I’ve lost, and in the end… I suppose love is what keeps me tethered to reality. The simplest way for me to put it would be the very thing I live for. It’s my drug, and I’m addicted.

Aleksei: It’s something I can’t see nor explain. Better men than me have tried to develop philosophical theories on the subject and failed. I’ve read them all. \sighs and smiles/ All I need to know is that Ana makes me happy like no one else, and that’s good enough for me.

Sakura: Oh boy… \takes a deep breath/ Can’t believe I didn’t see this one coming… well… For me, love is the feeling a get when I’m with a man. It’s a sense of bliss, security, and relaxation all at once. The world around me just melts away and all that’s left are me and him. When I find a guy that induces that sort of feeling in me… I’ll know I’m in love.

Hope: It’s the feeling I get when I’m with Lys!~ Nothing else need be said. \pauses before continuing anyways/ Buuuut I guess one thing I CAN say about it is that love involves overlooking all the problems you have with each other. A relationship can be hell on Earth, but love is that thing that pushes “goodbye” down your throat and makes you swallow it gladly~

15. Bonus question! Tag anyone?

Tag: Didn’t realize I’d be in this meme.

(Tag is one of my OCs :meow:)

That's right! I am offering up 100 :points: to anyone who can show me an AMV (anime music video) that thoroughly impresses me! It must have decent, innovative effects. It must well match the musical accompaniment and the carry the message of the song!

And NO you don't need to make anything for this!!! Just send me a link to your favorite AMVs of all time for a chance at free points! Spread the word!

And BTW that's 100 :points: PER AMV! There's no winner, this is no contest. If you show me a spectacular AMV, I will award you. Whether you're the first or fifth! Just don't show me ones other people have already shown me.



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Hollywood Undead stamp by ParamourxLightsLinkin Park Stamp by linkhero55Manafest stamp two by N-B-R-artworkI'm not a Christian, but... by Great-5Stamp-Thousand Foot Krutch by Jazzy-C-OaksSkillet Stamp by TheSaladManShinedown by vintage-cowbellsDeuce Stamp by thaChaosCreatorA Day to Remember by hafootThree Days Grace Stamp by Kezzi-RoseMy Darkest Days Stamp by darkdissolutionHalestorm-Stamp by xBlazingStar94xEscape the Fate Stamp by freakenstein1313KORN Stamp by LeitsimMusic Stamp 2 by SpitFire19erPapa Roach Stamp by XXCookierox5509XXSick Puppies by DreamingSneakily-Sum 41- Stamp 2 by ParamourxLightsTheory Of A Deadman by SmackthatpictureWithin Temptation Stamp WT by Lady-KiwiZebrahead Stamp by simplyrolemodelAvenged Sevenfold stamp1 by dark-dragon-wings:thumb338250324:Thousand Foot Krutch by FunkyJesusMusicNine Lashes by FunkyJesusMusicrise against stamp by josephhaubertAdelitas Way Stamp by SailorTrekkie92Heaven's Basement Stamp by DemonResurrect4275FDP Stamp by NaruButtRED by NaruButtbreaking benjamin stamp 5 by SilverStream1Periphery Stamp by KGarrettAsking Alexandria by hafootAmaranthe - Stamp by SharrieShadow55 Escape - Stamp by KurenaiX3

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//Smothers it all over everything/
it's 2 AM n' I'm bored
I was really tempted to spam your comment section x'D
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economeme... if I were in microeconomics 101, I'd so show this to my professor.
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Brother! *glomp* homo right? >.>
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Remember when I said you might be the first to read the prologue to my story (and possibly help me out with it)? Well: There you go.
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